Can we use SSD NVMe for ORIN as default boot loader?

Information for both ORIN AGX and ORIN NX ?

Nope. Only internal storage can support bootloader.


But for Xavier AGX we are using NVMe 1TB SSD, so why can’t we use SSD as a bootloader for ORIN AGX as it is having a high configuration when compared to Xavier AGX.

Because what you are talking about is not correct…

But for Xavier AGX we are using NVMe 1TB SSD

You are not using NVMe for bootloader… even on Xavier AGX. Do you really know what is “bootloader”?

I feel you misunderstood the term here.

I feel what you are asking is “boot from nvme” but not “bootloader on nvme”. If you don’t know the difference here, please ask.

yes, I was asking for boot from NVMEe, not the bootloader. I got confused.

Yes, Orin AGX and NX will support boot from NVMe.

Thank you,

Xavier AGX I know how to install Jetpack on SSD but NX, I have no idea.
Can you please help me with this.

You can file a topic in NX forum, if this issue has nothing to do with Orin, then should not be discussed on Orin forum.

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