Can we use the miniPCIe as the boot device?

We have our custom carrier board designed as per Jetson Orin NX/Nano devkit and use L4T 35.3.1based BSP.

We have tried NVMe as boot device and able to flash the BSP on external NVMe.

Can we use the miniPCIe as the boot device? if So, what are the changes need to be done in Software or Hardware?


so you have a mini PCIe slot on your custom carrier board, and you want to use it for booting the device?
Then what kind of storage device is attached to it?

If the driver for the storage device is directly supported in kernel image, then initrd flash should be able to handle it, but if it needs to be supported through external .ko modules, then you cannot do that.

Hi, Yes. We have a mini PCIe slot in my customer carrier board and we can use a minicard to M.2 M key extender boards

or either if I have a mini PCIe storage device, can we use it to flash using initrd? no additional change required?

Have you checked this?
I’m not sure if this kind of device is directly supported in the kernel.

Hi, I have not yet checked this. I will check and confirm, before that I wanted to know if we have support for mini PCIe.

So you say if any storage device like Mini PCIe we can use for flashing using initrd flash without any software modification if we have the driver in kernel. right?

Yes, if the driver is directly compiled into the kernel, then initrd flash should also support it.
But if it’s compiled as external modules, then it’s not supported.

got it thank you

Do you suggest any Mini PCIe storage device
for this?

No as we haven’t done that before.
You may figure it out yourself.

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sure, thank you

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