Can we use Xrandr to configure two monitors as one big display using Nvidia Drivers.

I have three GeForce GTX 690 graphic cards with the latest Nvidia Driver version 340.46 installed on a Linux machine and we have two monitors attached.
Can I configure both the monitors to set as a single display using Xrandr instead of using Xinerama with Nvidia Drivers?

I use 3 monitors, I use the base mosaic option (not xinerama) and I use them to play games spanned on all 3. Most games will refuse to see anything but the main monitor and wont go above its res (1080p in my case). The way I found to work around it was to add (Option “nvidiaXineramaInfo” “False”) to the screen section of my xorg.conf. Some DE/WM’s will still see them as separate displays such as XFCE, kde or Gnome which is nice because I use XFCE for normal computing and usually that is the wanted behavior.

Then I use openbox or cinnamon for gaming because with the xorg.conf addition above EVERYTHING only sees it as one big 5760x1080 monitor and thus going full screen with firefox, terminal or a game will span all of them.

I assume it is because XFCE uses Randr to get monitor boundaries and openbox and cinnamon are not so they are looking for xinerama info to determine those boundaries and the above option deprives them of that resulting in them seeing it as one huge monitor. If I am wrong in my assumption I would like to be corrected.

Hopefully that helps.