Can Xavier NX 8G Run nvidia/tao/actionrecognitionnet:trainable_v1.0?

I have spent a day or two trying to get nvidia/tao/actionrecognitionnet:trainable_v1.0 to run on the Xavier NX. I get the following error: nvidia-container-cli: mount error: mount operation failed: /usr/src/tensorrt: no such file or directory: unknown") I am trying to run it in training mode.

  1. By looking at a card, how can I tell what runs on the Nano and Xavier series of systems?
  2. Does this container run on the NX series: nvidia/tao/actionrecognitionnet:trainable_v1.0
    3, If it does, what might cause the error message – everything else seems to function on the notebook?
  3. If not, what hardware do I need to support using the nvidia/tao/actionrecognitionnet:trainable_v1.0 container?
  4. I know that I am missing a key word that will send me in the correct direction. However, it was not until now that I realized that I may be trying the not possible
  5. Perhaps even more basic, does anything TAO run on the ND series?
    Thanks in advance.


Please note that TAO training is only available in a desktop environment.
You can find this information in the general FAQ below:

Can TAO Toolkit be used to train on Jetson?
Training with TAO Toolkit is only on x86 with NVIDIA GPU such as a V100. Models trained with TAO Toolkit can be deployed on any NVIDIA platform including Jetson.


To deploy the deployable model in Action Recognition Net | NVIDIA NGCAction Recognition Net | NVIDIA NGC
please refer to ActionRecognitionNet — TAO Toolkit 3.21.11 documentation

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