Can you access a camera via SAL and ISC at the same time?

I have a camera (Sekonix SF3325-100) and want to set the white balance.
Apparently I can do that using NvMediaISCSetWBGain() which requires me to call NvMediaISCRootDeviceCreate(). I am able to do this without errors (I don’t know if WB is set correctly thogh).

To read the images with DW I have to access the sensor with dwSAL_createSensor() after setting up dwContext and dwSAL.

However I can’t access the camera through both interfaces (ISC and DW) at the same time. No matter which one I start first, the second one crashes.

I tried setting WB first, then destroying the ISC device and accessing the camera with DW afterwards but that doesn’t have the desired effect.

Is there any way to set a camera’s white balance while accessing it through DW?

Dear nbussas,
There is no DW API which can set white balance.
Just to understand your case, Are you setting white balancing inside a DW application using NvMedia API? or you had set it in a separate NvMedia application and trying to run both NvMedia and DW applications at same time?

Dear SivaRamaKrishna,
thanks for the quick answer.
I want to set WB in the same application.

Dear nbussas,
Can you please share the code snippet and DW version. We will look into it

copy & pasted the relevant parts together, I hope I didn’t miss anything relevant

auto device = NvMediaISCRootDeviceCreate(ISC_RDEV_CFG(
if (device == NULL) {

NvMediaISCWBGainControl ctrl;
for(int i = 0; i < 3; i++) {
	for(int j = 0; j < 4; j++) {
	ctrl.wbGain[i].value[j] = 10; // some random value to check if setting WB makes a difference
if (!NvMediaISCSetWBGain(device, &ctrl)) // this function doesn't return an error
	// NOP
// NvMediaISCRootDeviceDestroy(device); // enabling this line makes the execution work

dwContextParameters contextParams = dwContextParameters();
dwInitialize(&mContextHandle, DW_VERSION, &contextParams);
dwSAL_initialize(&mSALHandle, mContextHandle);

dwSensorParams sensorParams;
sensorParams.protocol = "camera.gmsl";
sensorParams.parameters = Parameters::serialize({
	{"camera-type", "ar0231-rccb-ss3322"},
	{"camera-count", "1"},
	{"slave", "0"},
	{"cross-csi-sync", "0"},
	{"fifo-size", "3"},
	{"output-format", "yuv"},
	{"camera-mask", "0001"},
	{"csi-port", "ab"},

dwStatus s = dwSAL_createSensor(&mSensorHandle, sensorParams, mSALHandle); // This is where the execution fails.
if (s != DW_SUCCESS) {
	std::cerr << "can't create sensor\n";

I’m working with DriveWorks version v0.6.67

Dear nbussas,
The SAL creation already uses NvMediaISCRootDeviceCreate(). Since it is used for sensor control, you can only have one at a time per camera.

That’s what I suspected, too. Is there a way to access SAL’s ISC root device?

No. You can try reading a raw image and use dwSoftISP, you can change the white balance values in the dwImageCUDA.prop.meta.wbGain, which will then influence the behavior of dwSoftISP. Please check the sample sample_isp and file:///usr/local/driveworks-0.6/doc/nvdwx_html/group__soft__ISP.html to more details about dwSoftISP

Ok, thank you very much.