Can you access gedit text editor in headless?


I have been using the Jetson Nano with a monitor for quite some time, but wish to switch to headless mode. I successfully established an ssh connection between my nano and Mac. I wanted to know if I can access the gedit text editor to edit and create new files heedlessly. Is there a solution?

Thank you in advance!


Do you must/have to use gedit? Why not just use “nano” or “vim” to do the edit?

It should work if you connect to jetson from a Linux host with ssh -X or ssh -Y.

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Thank you so much for the response. I can definitely use an alternate editor. How should I get access to nano or vim?

Thank you so much for the help, but I unfortunately don’t have a Linux.

Many of the graphical editors require X, which implies one of the *NIX (which Linux qualifies as). This is if you run the GUI app directly.

I can’t help to set it up, but this is what desktop sharing software is good for. Desktop sharing has an X server, but unlike most X servers, this does not need a monitor/keyboard/mouse directly connected. This emulates a desktop, and from a second computer running the correct software the desktop will be fully accessible. The virtual desktop sharing acts as an adapter and the computer doing the remote display does not have to be Linux. You might find some virtual desktop software runs on Windows and Mac as well as Linux. The Jetson will be headless, but the resources and software for using a keyboard/mouse/monitor locally on the Jetson will be there pretending to be the keyboard/mouse/monitor.

The simplest editor you can get which does not require the X/GUI to run is “nano”. The menu displayed at the bottom shows command shortcuts, where the “^” key means “control key”. So “^x” is “control x”.

I really like vi, but this has a steep learning curve.

ssh -X will work as @Honey_Patouceul says, but this needs to be done from a PC with an X server running. gnome-builder is a good ide for nano (Builder in the apps menu).

Vscode is excellent on any platform and you can connect to your device via ssh without an X server running on either device. Only downside is it does not support C/C++ intellisense at the moment. It does for other languages including Python and Vala if you install the extensions and language server, respectively.

Note: the above Vala language server can also work with with gnome-builder. Great language for GStreamer (DeepStream) or anything GObject. Not recommend for anything else unless you enjoy “adventure”.

However, there also exists X server for MacOSX

And windows. I use vcxsrv and Putty personally.