Can you beat Equation dot com parallel algebra?

…on test benchmark ?

Can you beat the simplicity of use of its parallel library?

Take any compiled test you want

and compare your CUDA speed with Intel/AMD multi-core CPUs.
Test - the solution of sparse band system of equations.

Here are Phenom 1055T 2.8 GHz results depending on amount of processors on Lahey fortran

1 cpu 2.46s
2 cpu 1.22s
3 cpu 0.83s
4 cpu 0.67s
5 cpu 0.58s
6 cpu 0.50s

Is there any source code available for the benchmark? Otherwise trying to perform a similar test under CUDA might be really difficult…

Also, is there any price for a CUDA implementation that beats the CPU?

Prize of course… where has the edit function gone?

Can this solve linear equations ? like:

constant * variable + constant * variable + constant * variable <= 1000;

If so can you give an example of how the input would look like ?

In general

x = 2y
y = x + 4

Or even
x/y = 2
y - x = 4

Of course, there can be more variables…
However, because they are linear you will never see
x = y^2