Can you create custom protos for Isaac sim?

Was wondering if it is possible to develop custom proto messages that can be exported from Isaac sim over the sim_bridge.

For example, we have managed to figure out the 3D bounding box coordinates for given objects in the scene and would like to send this information as a message to a custom-made module node. At the moment we are sending all the appropriate information as part of the “label” of PredictionProtos in a Detections2Proto’s “predictions” list. This is then passed over the sim_bridge using the bounding_box channel of a isaac::sim_bridge::Camera

This is suuuper messy and inefficient with a lot of hacks and we are hoping to make it neater by developing our own Proto like Detections2Protos but for 3D boxes that we can somehow send over the sim_bridge to our nodes.

Is this possible and if so what is the process we should use?

Hi d20,

Unfortunately we do not support custom protos for Isaac Sim at the moment.