Can you explain the data in jtop?

  1. In Power/mW, can i extract the avr value after code running?
    If not, can you explain how to extract Cur values after code running?

  2. Jetson Clocks [activate] and NV Power[0] : MAXN means that the jetson board works in maximum performance?

  3. At CTRL page (3 page), Active, Enable (a and e) , NVP model 0 and 0 MAXN mean jetson with maximum performance?

  4. Do you provide the code running time measure program? if not, i just use terminal or python time function?

hello lee2h,

please refer to the documentation, Power Management for Jetson Nano and Jetson TX1 Devices.
you may also check the [Supported Modes and Power Efficiency] session for NVPModel clock configuration.