Can you flash a TX2 NX with in ubuntu 20.04


As the title says, we have this problem where, most of our company computers are (Ubuntu) 20.04 and we only have one that is 18.04, where we currently handle all Jetson related tasks (as in kernel customization, compilation, jetson cloning and flash etc…).

I’ve tried to do such tasks (all done via the provided in 20.04, but to no results. I haven’t used the Nvidia SDK in a while but I think I remember seeing something about supporting 20.04.

Is script really not supported in 20.04 or do I just have an old version and should update to a new version?

Also, side question, kernel compilation (I haven’t looked into the make file) but can I compile it in 20.04 or is everything in 18.04?

Thank you

Yes, it is the GUI which has issues with alternate releases and Linux distributions. Command line generally works on any release (there might be exceptions if something is missing in the right version, but a very large number of distributions and releases work correctly when using

Keep in mind that the “optional” packages, e.g., CUDA, are installed from the GUI and don’t actually install on command line. In some cases this might not be an issue though since it might be possible to install via “sudo apt-get” after the Jetson boots.

Also, if you have a clone which has things on it like all of your desired optional packages plus system updates, then you can flash that clone and get exactly what you want on command line. Disadvantages might be something such as having accounts with passwords will also be cloned.

In my experience, when I tried to flash one jetson with ubuntu 20.04, something wen’t wrong and I never tried again, now I don’t know if I did something wrong or if it simply didn’t work due to the ubuntu release version. I was aware that the GUI has alternate releases (but I only mentioned that for context, we only flash via command line, for more flexibility).

Anyway, I will keep in mind moving forward, and try to see if I encounter any errors on any release other than 20.04, I’ll make a dedicated thread on it.

Thanks for the clarification.

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