can you help me executing a code ? DCT8X8

the code in the SDK , but when i am trying to execute it , i recieve an error massege at runtime :

initalization error at line 455

i should mention that i have some problems with the power supply right now, so my card works in low energy mode , is that may the cause of the problem ?

im sure mentionning which sdk exemple, and what said line 455 is would help us help you!

I have mentioned that …
SDK example : DCT8X8 example

And do other exemples work? My line 455 is CUT_DEVICE_INIT, which is a macro that calls functions used by pretty much every cuda programs.

Im not sure how to help you, especially if youre able to run other sdk exemples.

You can try to replace the cut_device_init (if this is indeed the line 455, i have beta 2.0 of the sdk, dunno if that one program has changed from 1.1 to 2.0) with the following function :

bool InitCUDA(void)


	int count = 0;

	int i = 0;


	if(count == 0) {

  fprintf(stderr, "There is no device.\n");

  return false;


	for(i = 0; i < count; i++) {

  cudaDeviceProp prop;

  if(cudaGetDeviceProperties(&prop, i) == cudaSuccess) {

  	if(prop.major >= 1) {





	if(i == count) {

  fprintf(stderr, "There is no device supporting CUDA 1.x.\n");

  return false;



	return true;


(This code is not by me, it comes with the cuda program template for visual studio developped by someone on these forums)

See if that fails.

If that fails too, then all i can ask is the obvious: do you have a CUDA capable video card?