Can you make a video for the Section Tool? Or is there one?

I have tried many times, and I read the docs about this, but I click Select Tool Gizmo, and the object cuts in half (or some fraction). What I don’t know is what do I do next?

Very confusing to me.


Hello @DataJuggler! I have asked the documentation team to add a video for the section tool. I was not able to find a video already made, but here is a link to our documentation in case you did not see it: Section Tool Extension — Omniverse View documentation

I did read it once, and having you say ‘Save Button’ is what I found to be the problem.

I know you have 3: - Save Button, but I can’t see this icon because of a dark blue on dark.

Here in the browser it looks pretty big because my browser is on 150%.

In Create, it looks like this, and I didn’t notice it was a Save button.

Thank you for pointing this out, as I didn’t read very well (happens to me at work also).