Can you use cuFFT with the VolumeGVDB class?

I’m looking at the documentation for cuFFT and the input datatypes do not include VolumeGVDB. Is there a way to perform a 3D FFT on VolumeGVDB data? Or do I need to perform some sort of data conversion for cuFFT.


What is VolumeGVDB? What is the data layout?

Requirements for data layout are here,

Thanks for sending the cuFFT datatype. I’ll provide a bit of context. I’m trying to convert a 3D model (polygonal mesh) to a GVDB Data Structure. In order to perform the conversion, I use the SolidVoxelize function. I believe this will result in the voxels having a channel that I can read their value which may be a float or an int. I’m not even sure there will be a value at the voxel because just their presence in the datastructure should imply a value.

So given this GVDB structure which corresponds to a voxelized part, how do I perform a 3D FFT(cuFFT) on the GVDB datastructure. Do I have to write my own function to map a GVDB DataStruct to cuFFTReal?

Can only post one link at a time so here is a link to SolidVoxelize