CANBus access on Drive PX2


I am currently in the possession of a Drive PX2 that I wish to acces the CAN buses on. Currently I can access the can0 and can1 device, but from my search on your forums I have come to the understanding that to access the other 4 CAN buses I need to access these through the Aurix. Further researching into this topic led me to a guide on your forum where these instructions are posted: DRIVEPX2 EASYCAN SETUP GUIDE - DRIVE PX 2 / FAQ - NVIDIA Developer Forums.

My issue with these instructions are specifically the lines:
“Copy LINUX_LXTHREADSX86_DrivePxApp.elf to ‘/home/nvidia/’
Copy EasyCanConfigFile.conf to ‘/etc/eb/’
Copy DrivePxApp.conf to ‘/etc/eb/’”

I am not in the possession of any such files. Further research has pointed out that there is a folder on my HostPC used to install the drive PX2 that should contain the folder “drive-t186ref-foundation/utils/scripts”. I am not in the possession of such a folder either.

I would like some clarification on if the way I am going about accessing the Drive PX2 is valid, and if so where can I obtain these files to complete the necessary steps.



I actually have exactly the same problem, I do not have access to the host PC anymore and I need those files to make my CAN buses work. Does anyone knows if it is possible to get those files somewhere or if Nvidia can send them ?

Best regards.

Dear @shayara,
Did you flash the board using same host?


I had a different host computer that I flashed the PX2 with. Sadly that was long ago and the host computer has since been reformatted. This is the issue that I am having as I don’t actually have a host anymore. Is it possible for you to share the files needed?


Dear @shayara,
I don’t have the files in hand. You may install DRIVE release on ubuntu 16.04 and check the files.