CANBUS between Jetson TX2 and Arduino errors


The CANBUS works on the Jetson itself, as we are able to connect can0 and can1 and send messages between the two busses. The CAN transceivers used are MCP2551.
Using the instructions from this link:

We are also able to connect two Arduinos via CAN module and communicate between them.
Using this library on the Arduino:
Using this CAN module:

However, when connecting the Jetson and an Arduino, we cannot get reliable communication.
There is a 120 ohm terminating resistor on both ends.

We thought it was an electrical connection or hardware issue, but have thoroughly checked all the wiring and have tried several different Arduinos/ CAN modules but with no luck.
Anyone have any other ideas to try?


The CAN module used on the Arduino works at SPI frequency 8MHz so we ended up using another library other than the SEEED one which allowed us to configure this frequency.
Worked straight away with the fix.