Cannot able to connect to target board jetson nano from nsight eclipse getting SSH error

I compiled cuda example on nsight-eclipse edition and created binary file using cross compiling. When i clicked Runas-> Remote C/C++ Application, it is asking for my board password. After giving the password it fails connecting to the board. It gives error “Failed to connect sshd on ”.
On the jetson nano board terminal when i entered command “sudo systemctl status ssh”, is giving message “ssh_dispatch_run_fatel: connection from port 35298: DH GEX group out of range [preauth]”.
help me to solve this issue.

Can you confirm that you can SSH to the platform using your Linux shell on the system that is running Nsight Eclipse Edition? What happens if you try:

  • ssh {ip-address-of-nano}

I could do ssh successfully to my nano board from the host system i.e. running nsight eclipse ide.
Attached screenshot of my host system.
Help me to solve the problem.

you sucssed ti sikve this prolem I have similar problem I work on my PC with wsl connect to jertson xavier with SSH.

Hi, @ariel27593

I’m not very clear which issue you met. Can you please start a new topic to give us more details ?

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