Cannot apply or submit question through help


I just registered for the Nvidia developer zone. I cannot access the application link to Nsight because I cannot create my account information. Any time I try to enter the information, then save the changes, the changes don’t actually get saved and my profile remains blank. Clicking on the support link brings me to an error that I’ve already submitted three messages and I cannot submit more.

I’ve never submitted a message.

This is beyond a ridiculous error. I can’t even find an email related to nvidia that I can use to request help through.

Does anyone have any idea what is up? Is the developer zone page temporarily non functional?


Sorry for the inconvenience. We’re looking into it. Which browser and platform are you using?

I manage the DevZone, we are glad to investigate this. Can you give us the URL that you were on when you were logging on? The issue about the support link limiting you to three messages is VERY puzzling.

The issue seems to have resolved itself, as I was finally able to submit a message.

I was using this url: in google chrome. I used the same url, also in chrome, to submit my question.