Cannot boot Xavier Agx after flashing the 4.1.1

Software manager says “JetPack 4.1.1 has completed successfully.”
and terminal says “Installation of target components finished, close this window.”

But, my Agx does not boot successfully. It does not show me Ubuntu, it just show the Ndivia logo.

My host computer`s file system is ext4, I had enough space, with ubuntu 18.04
and I exactly followed the video below

I used to work with jetpack 4.4 and for some reason, trying to install 4.1.1.
Anyone who knows the problem?
Thank you for read.


  1. Stuck in the NV logo but cannot enter ubuntu desktop means the kernel fails to boot up. You may need to dump the serial console log to see what gets stuck.

  2. 4.1.1. is a developer preview. We don’t suggest you to use it and no intention to resolve errors on it. Please be aware of it.

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