Cannot catch exceptions

Hi, I cannot catch exceptions on jetson platform. (tx1, tx2) What should I do to fix this, I really need to be able to do this. I’m using jetpack 4.4.1 and Qtcreator(qmake)

I can catch exceptions on empty hello world project, but this happens when I include third party libraries, with opencv, boost etc.

You might want to include the smallest possible example program. It is much easier to respond with a reproducible sample code. Include any build flags or Makefile which allows reproducing the build options.

Hi, I willl try to provide a code for reproducing the issue, the issue is we are using a lot of libraries, don’t know which one causing this, so it may take some time. I suspect nvidia/cuda libraries is the culprit though. In the meantime if you have a project thats using nvidia l4t - cuda libraries, can you put a simple try catch block on it thats using a function that throws and let me know if it catches? Otherwise I’ll tell you when I’m able to reproduce.

There are the samples, but I don’t have one failing. Do keep in mind that compiler options can disable exceptions ("-fno-exceptions"), and that libraries can have their own compile options. On the other hand, if it crashes upon exception due to a library-to-main-program issue, then you can probably use “ltrace” ("sudo apt-get install ltrace") to see something related to the failure…at least an identity for the library.

ltrace output is sort of like C, and there will be a lot you can’t use, but should the program crash at the moment of the failure, then the error should be near the end of the log. Usually “= 0” is success, and other “= number” (non-zero) are failures. This is much like using strace, except it is looking at calls to/from the library instead of the kernel.