Cannot compile Tegra Multimedia API examples


I have a Jetson TX1 with JetPack-L4T-2.3.1-linux-x64 installed. I tried recompiling the backend given in the samples folder which draws bounding boxes over cars, but I keep getting the following error,

…/ *** Please specify which ARM ABI platform you are compiling for. Stop.

I am not cross-compiling and am compiling on the target itself. I have also followed the instructions given in the ReadMe.

Much appreciate any help.

Hi Nipuna,
This is because the following line not being set:

$ export TEGRA_ARMABI=aarch64-linux-gnu

Please follow tegra_multimedia_api/README

Thanks, DaneLLL.

Having issue with backend sample. Getting the following error: Error: Unknown option --gie-deployfile. Looked in the file and the deploy file is empty. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Hi ean5qs2c, do you install via Jetpack. If yes, it should have been compiled.