Cannot connect to issac sim container running on another machine on the LAN

I have the headless docker container for Issac Sim working fine. I can use the livestreaming client on the same machine where the docker container is running as

When I try to give the ip address of the machine running the container from another machine on the LAN it does not work. It says “Unable to initiate a connection to the server…”

Pinging the machine ip address works so there is a network path. On the machine running the container I disabled the firewall(ufw).

I am not sure where the logs go and how to check them. What port does it use? I checked with nmap and it seemed port 48010 was being opened when running the container.

The client here is windows 11 and the server is ubuntu 22.04 having an RTX3080.

Hi @sachinkundu - The issue you’re experiencing might be due to the network configuration of your Docker container. By default, Docker containers are isolated from the host machine’s network and cannot be accessed from other machines on the LAN.

To allow access to your Isaac Sim Docker container from other machines, you need to publish the necessary ports when you start the container. The --publish or -p option can be used to map a port inside the Docker container to a port on the host machine.

The Isaac Sim livestreaming server uses port 47995 by default. So, you should publish this port when you start the Docker container. Here’s an example:

docker run -p 47995:47995 --gpus all --rm -it isaac-sim:latest

In this command, -p 47995:47995 maps port 47995 inside the Docker container to port 47995 on the host machine. Now, you should be able to connect to the Isaac Sim livestreaming server from another machine on the LAN using the IP address of the host machine.

If you’re still having trouble, check the Docker logs for any error messages. You can view the logs of a running Docker container using the docker logs command followed by the container ID or name. For example:

docker logs <container-id>

Replace <container-id> with the ID or name of your Isaac Sim Docker container. The logs might provide more information about why the connection is failing.