Cannot control fans on GTX 1050

I enabled coolbits in xorg.conf and now I can choose fan speed in nvidia-settings. But these settings don’t really change anything and the fans always work with constant speed.

The problem is that the graphics card produces more noise than both power supply and CPU fans. It also has only 28-30 °C when idle. So I would really like to reduce the GPU fan speed, just for my comfort.

The graphics card has only 2-wire fans, but I assume that still it should be possible to tweak fan speed using lower/higher voltage. I can probably connect it to motherboard and write my own module that will control the fan speed depending on temperature. But it’s just stupid…

Is there a more sensible solution than using the motherboard controller?

This also depends on the vendor/manufacturer of the card, maybe ask their support if managing fan speed is possible/needs vendor-specific software (for windows).