cannot convert bert model to tensorRT model

when i convert bert model to tensorRT model, it show this error message

[b]ERROR: bert/encoder/layer_0/attention/self/query/MatMul: at least three non-batch dimensions are required for input
ERROR: UffParser: Parser error: bert/encoder/layer_0/attention/self/query/BiasAdd: The input to the Scale Layer is required to have a minimum of 3 dimensions.
[2019-05-21 14:04:03,466] [logo] [FATAL] [1233] [1250000] [] [140166035814592] /home/,parseUffModel error
run error[/b]

this is my code:
input tensor info

       "name": "bert/embeddings/LayerNorm/batchnorm/add_1",
       "dims": [1, 128, 768],
       "format" : "kNC"
       "name" : "bert/encoder/mul",
       "dims": [1, 128, 128],
       "format" : "kNC"

output tensor name


this is my uff model path:

there are some custom operators,i have impl it with plugins。