cannot debug on 980m sli/cuda7

I recently got a laptop with 980m SLI, installed CUDA 7, and NVidia driver v350.12. Cuda applications ran fine, but when I try to debug in NSight/VS2013, the video driver crash occur: “Display driver stopped responding and has recovered”, and NSight reports the error: “CUDA grid launch failed”.

I tried to install an older version of the video friver v347, but it showed the same issue.

Please help!

Sounds like a OS timeout;

but also the SLI configuration may be screwing things up, as that is intended for gaming. If that registry change does not work, Google how to get the SLI turned off.

Make sure you completely turn off the laptop and restart from off to get that registry time change to be applied.

Thank you very much for the video, and the recommendation to disable SLI! As soon as I disabled SLI in the NVIDIA Control Panel, I was able to debug the CUDA application in VS2013+NSight! I did not even restart computer. Thanks again!