Cannot download 5.2.0 developer image for Shield TV 2017

I’ve been trying to download the 5.2.0 developer image for the Shield 2017, but it keeps saying access denied. I already created a developer account and activated it and everything, but it keeps telling me I need to create an account.

After I click accept to download a developer image, I’m greeted with this

After I click join now, it takes me to a page where it says I’m not authorized to access the page

I need to update my Shield TV because right now it’s stuck on 5.1.0.

I’m going to take a look at what’s causing this. I’ll keep you updated once I know more, but please let me know if any other issues arise.

I hav ethe opposite problem. I have 5.2.0 installed and want to revert to 5.1.0

It appears it has been fixed as it’s letting me download it now.

That’s good. Looks like we had a slight issue that should be all resolved now. If you notice this on any other downloads in the future, let us know.