Cannot download Jetson Nano SD card image

Receiving a 404 Error when trying to download the Jetson Nano SD card images from Was unable to download last night too. Anyone know what’s up with this?

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same issue . Looks like even the links for other products like Xavier is broken


We are aware of the issue. Downloads were down due to an issue with the CDN. The team is in the process of reloading/sync of all assets. This is taking longer than expected due to the shear number of files. Unfortunately I don’t have an ETA at this time.

Thanks for your patience,
Tom K

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See here for temporary mirror:


You’re awesome, thank you!!

Same issue here,

Thanks for the backup files!

Any chance that you have a backup link for Jetpack 4.5.1 for Jetson Nano A02?

Hi @bluecamel, these files should be back up now, so please try downloading them again.

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