Cannot enable coolbits in nvidia driver, or server driver 440.100 with prime enabled

I tried copying the xconfig from my working 418/ubuntu 16.04 install for enabling coolbits, adding the coolbits option to the generated xconfig, making an xorg.conf.d folder with just the device part, but nothing seams to let me enable coolbits and composite pipeline(For screen taring).

rebooting to confirm the added coolbits got me tty1/2 terminals where i needed to delete the xconfig to access my de, as it’d freeze on the asrock logo, or it’d get me stuck in llvm mode. i have no idea what to do to fix this driver. and yes, i did try server mode, and regular nvidia drivers both failed. distro is umix 20.04. no, i didn’t get lucky, through os reinstalls driver 418 worked no issue, so i know its not an issue with the gpu itself. the one caled try2 is one of the attempts i tried for coolbits on 20.04/440. the other is the one from 16.04 xorg.conf.txt (670 Bytes) try2.txt (903 Bytes)