Cannot enter the recover mode.

I followed this website (, but I cannot enter the recover mode.

Were you specifically using the micro-USB cable supplied? This is a “type-B”…the “type-A” (including adapters) won’t do the job.

On your host, for a Jetson TK1, recovery mode will be detected if this command has output:

lsusb -d 0955:7140

Any other information on how you were detecting recovery mode would help.

Basic operation though is that any kind of power on or power reset event while the recovery button is held down will work. If you added a power cable and the unit did not start up, then this implies hold the recovery down while tapping power; if adding a power cable already turned the unit on, then you have to instead tap the reset button while recovery is held down.


I think I used type-B. Should I see the fan spins or power up led illuminates? Now I see nothing/


On the TX1 you won’t see the fan, but the TK1 should always run. There should be a power light near the corner of the board closest to the power connector.

If you have a volt meter you can see if there is any voltage available, but it sounds like RMA will be needed (at minimum RMA of the power brick). RMA instructions can be found near the top of this link:

Thanks for the information! We have some data in JTK1, if we cannot enter the recover model, is there any way to recover the data from JTK1?

If you cannot boot to Linux, then you have to use the flash software to look at eMMC. Unfortunately, you need recovery mode to do that. When I get a device where I find it to be usefully customized I clone in case of such events.

The only way I can think of now is if you can repair the unit, which in turn requires some skills. For example, if there is an issue with a power rail, then you may be able to follow where it drops out and determine which component needs replacing (and then you’d need some very good surface mount rework skills…results would be a gamble and not certain).

I don’t think I can repair our JTK1. I am wondering whether we can mail it to your company and help us recover the data.

People who build custom carrier boards for the TK1 are probably the only people other than NVIDIA who could do such things. Toradex makes a TK1 variant of its Apalis line of products, you might ask them, though I don’t know if they consider such services on third party boards:

I don’t know who else to ask with TK1 experience other than NVIDIA itself…perhaps someone here could respond on whether NVIDIA has a partner who can do recovery on your TK1 (or preferably finding it is just a power rail issue and a simple repair).

I myself am unable to do such operations.

Thanks for the information! Could please give me more instructions for checking power rail. I am really unfamiliar with these things.


I am not qualified to give power rail testing information. There are different rails which power up in a given order. Someone familiar with this on a JTK1 would have to tell you what to look at before and after power connect and hitting the power button.

Anyone…what would be the test points (and voltages) to see if power is correctly delivered to different rails on a JTK1?

Hi Shiqu,

To check power rails, you need to follow the OEM DG, there is power sequence that must be followed, and also there is a checklist table that has power check part which you can refer to.