Cannot export, stuck at 5%


I m a newbie
I tried to export a BOX in MAX. to Ubs
It just stuck at 5%

i tried to Log out and log back omniverse, still not working

Looing at your screenshot it does not appear that you are logged into anything on Omniverse, noted by the red avatar on the tool shelf. Please make sure you have the latest Nucleus, Cache, and of Course the 3dMax plug in installed from the Launcher, then restart 3dsMax and see if this solves your issue.

If not, then I’ll need the version of 3dsmax Connector. You can get it from about menu either from the Omniverse Log on the tool bar or through the Omniverse Menu. The logs are located in Users/Documents/Omniverse/3dsMax. please send the log file after a failure.
Thank you,

Where are you exporting to? Local disk?


just checked, I have updated to the latest connector
it would not connected, I will speak to IT department

hopefully that is the problem

I tried export to Local drive and it does not work either

Many thanks

Can you verify that Nucleus is running before starting 3dsmax? You can get to it from the Omniverse Launcher, see image.

I dont have Nuleus…

Should I re-install omniverse?

Local drive

Hi Henry,
In a newer version of Launcher, the Collaboration is renamed to Nucleus. If you select the green plus icon you will be able to install Nucleus.