Cannot fetch tao-toolkit-api-4.0.1.tgz


Hello. To deploy Tao Toolkit api 4.0.1, I ran the command helm fetch --username=‘$oauthtoken’ --password=.

However. The message on terminal showed that Error: failed to fetch : 404 Not Found.

What is the correct input for deploying Tao Toolkit api 4.0.1 ?

Thank you for your help in advance.

helm fetch --username=‘$oauthtoken’ --password=<YOUR API KEY>

I’ve entered my API KEY, but I still got the error message 404 Not Found .

How about 4.0.0 version? Is it working?

I could fetch 4.0.0 version, but could not fetch 4.0.1 version

OK, I will check further with internal team.

We didn’t need new helm for 4.0.1. The 4.0.1 notebooks should work with 4.0.0 helm.

Great! Thank you very much! @Morganh

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