Cannot find /dev/sg on Jetson tx2 board


I checked that there is /dev/sg when I connect my device into my host machine.
But I cannot find /dev/sg on tx2 board with my device.

How I can find /dev/sg ?


What is the actual device, e.g., is it a DVD reader? An external memory card reader? How is it connected…USB? SATA? iSCSI?

Note that files in “/dev/” are not real files…these are the result of drivers and the files read from or talk to drivers. If the driver for that specific hardware is missing, then the device special file will also be missing. Often people mistake the data pipe (such as USB or SATA) as the source of the device special file, but those “hot plug” data pipes merely announce the presence of the hardware and wait for a driver to take ownership for the end product.