Cannot find link to download ds_pybind_0.5 for deepstream 4.0.1

I need to use Deepstream 4.0.1 due to some constraints. So I need for running the python apps. But I cant seem to find the link to download said tar file. Please provide link.


Could you please provide more information about your system configurations like follows:
• Hardware Platform (Jetson or x86 or?):
• DeepStream Version:
• TensorRT Version:
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version:
• CUDA Version:

Following are my system configurations:

Jetson Nano
Jetpack 4.2.2
Deepstream 4.0.1
CUDA 10.0

Thank you.


Can you find directory name of python samples like: ../deepstream-x.x/sources/deepstream_python_apps.
What problem do you have when you try to run these python samples?

It says: No module named “pyds”.

Hi @preronamajumder
The DS4.0 python tar package has been removed, could you upgarde to DS5.0GA?


Yes I upgraded to 5.0.

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Any mroe question about this topic?

No thank you. Everything is working properly with python bindings in Deepstream 5.0.