Cannot find Nucleus User Management Options

I’m trying to setup a local nucleus server and add a couple users to it.

I followed this tutorial and noticed that my interface is a bit different than what’s shown in the tutorial.

Tutorial: Authentication and User Management — Omniverse Nucleus latest documentation

Compared to the top 2 images of the tutorial, my omniverse login doesn’t have the “Create Account” button when logging in from a machine that’s different than the server. The nucleus navigator’s bottom left corner’s user management button shown in the image is also missing in my interface.

I’m wondering if i’m doing something wrong? or is missing something?

My omniverse launcher is 1.8.11, july 2023 release
My nucleus version is 2023.1.0, june/14/2023 release

@rhklite2012 i am a fellow OV user; don’t worry, i don’t believe there’s anything wrong or missing (just need some getting used to). there are few ways to view/access the nucleus server(s) that you may already have set up. below, you will find my setup with a localhost using the individual version of OV:

  1. through OV Navigator - this is one where you can download from the OV Launcher as a separate OV app where you have a lot more control over window size, placement, etc.

the interface is shown below:

  1. through web browser - you can access it by opening the ‘Nucleus’ tab of the OV Launcher. once there, you can click on the folder button next to the nucleus that was set up

by doing this, a new default browser tab will open and direct you to http://localhost:34080 where the UI is pretty much the same as what you find from the OV Navigator. of course, if you wish to change the size of the window, you’d have to tear the tab out. below is the interface:

  1. through OV Launcher - this is probably the first time you would be introduced to your nucleus server(s) right after setting up OV. this is, however, the hardest way to see what you are doing (in my opinion) given it’s tied to the size of the Launcher (technically partially). here’s the interface we are all familiar with:

now that you know where to find the nucleus, let’s talk about the user interface depicted in the doc page. in order for you to even see/access user management, you will need to make sure you click/highlight on the nucleus server you’d like to configure. notice i have that option appear in the second method when i intentionally clicked on the ‘localhost’ server. because this is an aspect of nucleus server, you won’t be able to do this on your local machine/drives.


if you have multiple nucleus servers, you would have to configure each server to maximize flexibility.

hopefully this will help you stay on track with the instruction for user setup from the doc.


Thank you for the help.

I eventually found that there is a default systems account called admin, which has the user management interface. I did not see this account mentioned in the docs, therefore causing this confusion.

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