Cannot find 'Sd Render Var Ptr' Action Graph Node

Dear Forum,

I am currently utilizing Isaac Sim version 2023.1.1 and have encountered a couple of issues that I need assistance with:

  1. I require the ‘Sd Render Var Ptr’ node from the omni.syntheticdata extension to publish RTX lidar point clouds via ROS. However, I am unable to locate this node in my current workflow. Through my research, I found that my omni.syntheticdata extension is at version 0.4.10, which might be the root cause of the issue since the latest version available is 0.6.5.

Despite attempts to update through the Extension Manager within Isaac Sim, it shows that the 0.4.10 local version is up-to-date. Could you guide me on how to update the omni.syntheticdata extension to the latest version?

  1. In the meantime, is there a workaround or a method to use the ‘Sd Render Var Ptr’ node in the ActionGraph with the installed version 0.4.10?

Any assistance or guidance you can provide on these matters would be greatly appreciated. I look forward to your timely response.

Did you solve this problem?
i can’t find ‘sd render var ptr’ in actiongraph, too.

i want to solve it. if you find solution, please teach me.