Cannot find System Types in Menuconfig

Hi, I ran menuconfig on my jetson AGX Xavier but I cannot find the System Types in it. I also have a Tegra K1 on which I can find the system types successfully.

What I want to do is to disable cache L1 (I-cache and D-cache), and it is supposed to be under the System Types in the menuconfig while I can’t find it.

I also attached the pic of what I got. Thank you so much for your help!

Can I know what’s system types?

Hi Shane,

System type is something that I can find in the menuconfig of my TK1 board. I have marked it on this pic.

What kind of feature will enable for the “system types”?

I have not looked at that content, but FYI, if there are no options for this, then none will show up. The TK1 is a 32-bit architecture, and the Xavier is a 64-bit architecture. It may be that no options are possible due to the different architecture. If you were to use “make nconfig” instead of “make menuconfig”, then you could make visible options which are not selectable and see what is necessary to make those options visible (and quite possibly there is no way to make any of those options visible).

Another possible could be the kernel version is different for these two platform.