Cannot Flash TX1 - keeps failing at different points

Hi, I have tried and failed to get this system to flash. I am running VirtualBox using USB2.0 (EHCI) on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

The Flash starts, loads the root files and then either fails at system.img or one one of the other files.

I have reset, rebooted, deleted, tried again, tried different USB ports but nothings seems to help.

Last attempt it stopped at [ 0.1515] Run tegrabct to update tboot signature in bct.

Other times it just stops at any one of the other files.

This is really frustrating. Can you help at all?

VMs don’t work and are not supported. Sometimes people get it to work. See:

ok, Im setting up dual boot but having so many issues as Ubuntu just wont see my USB TP-Link wifi adapter. Will try a bridge instead.

What a pain!

Right, I got Ubuntu set up as duel boot and eventually got network sorted.

Flashing of TX1 was a dream - no issues at all.