Cannot Flash TX2 NX on A203 V2....Please Help


According to my previous experience, VMWare worked well flashing the board with SDK Manager. You just have to choose to connect the USB device to the virtual machine.

@user8751 you mentioned when you tried SDK Manager, there was message “Not in Forced Recovery Mode”. Did you try to type “lsusb” in this situation and check whether the board is still in recovery mode?

You could also type “watch lsusb” to make the command update every 2 seconds, during the flashing process to check whether at which point the board goes out of recovery mode.

Also please try flashing again a few more times. Power off the Jetson completely, and put back to recovery mode before flashing again.

Did you also check our wiki for more info?

Thank you.

I was successful at flashing emmc manually only. It seems that no matter what I did the SDK Manager would fail even though the carrier board was in recovery mode.

Thank You all for the support. Now onward and upward.

That’s great to hear! By flashing manually, you mean using command-line right?

Yes command line. Now, I am struggling with revision control and compatibility issues. Example: IMX477 camera will not load. Dangit… SDK manager. LOL.


For other hardware support, you need to install drivers using:

Please let me know the result.

Thank you.

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