Cannot flash tx2i

I try to flash tx2i.
Using the same computer, a different jetson, I succeeded.
I validate that the jetson is in recovery mode, I even see Nvidia corp. when running lsusb.
When I try to flash the specific card I get some prints in my PC, that include USB communication failed.check if the device is in recovery once, and then the flash process hangs.

Sounds like a hardware problem.

Please check if you can plug out the module, put it to the different jetson board you are using and see if it can get flashed.

Unfortunately I cannot disconnect the jetson from the board because it is in a closed module.
My question is actually to try to understand what kind of hardware problem can cause this.
I already flashed the same jetson on the same board previously.


If even the recovery mode is not able to get entered, then maybe hardware not able to trigger the usb device mode.

Is it a nvidia devkit or custom carrier board? Since you said it is closed module, is it custom board?

It is a custom board (the other board that is able to flash jetsons in the same setup is a copy of the mentioned board).
1.This very board was used to flash this very jetson before.
2.It looks like the Jetson DOES enter rec mode (uart debug prints stop, power consumption indicates recovery mode).

Please check if uart log is dumping anything from device when you run command sudo ./ … on host.

If there is no log printed, then I cannot tell what is going on from software.

For hardware defect, @Trumany may provide more insight.

You can also try to use different hosts and see if this board can get flashed on them. Try different usb cable is also an option.

Thank you, will check, waiting for @Trumany for more information.
It is important to notice that the same usb cable is used to flash other jetson on other boards (verified even after this problem occurred)

There are no debug messages from the Jetson, but on the other hand, the flashing procedure stops very early on the PC side…

This may not apply, but be sure to not use a VM, which can cause similar issues.

Thank you, but we indeed DO NOT use a VM, just a standard Ubuntu 18 PC, and familiar with the VM problems, so the problem lays somewhere else unfortunately…

It looks like the initial BootROM communication succeeded, than tegtarcm_v2 – isapplet fails

Does uart log ever print anything so far?

You can use the normal (good) modules to check what log would be printed first.

Im using Ubuntu 18.04.5 (no VM)

the flashing procedure is stuck in tegradevflash_v2 - - iscpubl


Please remember that I am talking about uart log.

Use a normal module to check if your board really can dump the flash log. And them move to defect module.

BTW, how did you proceed the flash process ? Didn’t it even not able to detect recovery mode?

If the issue board design is same to your good board, it looks like a soldering issue. You can check the soldering quality of components on board, especially on power part.

lsusb shows 12M with the board on which the Jetson won’t flash, and 480M on devkit.
Also in another computer the bad board supports flash and shows 480M.
Can there be something wrong in the PC?

So it can be flashed with other PC?


Then I think that is host usb port issue.