Cannot get a console from E3585 dongle


I’m trying to check the configuration of my E3585 HSD to Ethernet dongle via serial console, but couldn’t get a console.

The dongle is hooked up to my host via micro USB cable, and minicom is running on my host system. I expected to see a console similar to the one in the link below, but couldn’t see anything after all.

So far, what I’ve checked are like below.

  • When the dongle is hooked up to my host system, “/dev/ttyUSB0” device node is created.
  • Tried different baud rates and flow control options on minicom, but nothing fix the problem.
  • Ran “cat /dev/ttyUSB0 | hexdump” to see if any data (even garbage data) comes from the dongle. Nothing happened,.

Is this expected? If not, how I can get a console? Is there any special host tool for configurations?

Ultimately, how can I check and/or modify the configurations of the dongle?


May I know why you need to configure the dongle? Thanks.

Hi @VickNV

We are trying to use both channels of the dongle at the same time, but we can only use one channel at a time.


  • If either one of the 2 channels is connected, the connected channel works.
  • If we connect both channel, only one channel works.

As a part of the investigation of this issue, I’d like to see the configuration of the dongle.


Please describe how you try this and how are the setup connections. Any clue from the LED indicators?

Hi @VickNV

It just turned out that the issue is caused by wrong routing configuration in our host side, not by the dongle.

You can mark this thread as resolved. Thank you for your prompt response by the way!

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