Cannot get CUDA Trace!! (Jetson TK1, NVIDIA System Profiler v2.5)

I try to get CUDA Trave at system profiler timeline following the User Manual but I always get this error either if I attach to it or launch it from a stopped state

Full error information:
PrepareAnalysisError (4003) {
NotSupported (104) {
OriginalExceptionClass: N5boost16exception_detail10clone_implIN11QuadDCommon21NotSupportedExceptionEEE
OriginalFile: /home/android/buildAgent/work/host-x64-linux/Rel/QuadD_Hotel/sw/devtools/Agora/Rel/QuadD_Hotel/QuadD/Host/Analysis/LinuxDeviceValidator.cpp
OriginalLine: 114
OriginalFunction: bool QuadDAnalysis::LinuxDeviceValidator::CheckAnalysisFeatures(const DevicePtr&, const QuadDAnalysis::AnalysisFeatures&)
ErrorText: Device doesn’t support requested event type: Cuda

Profiling options:
DeviceId: “SSH-0x0x29981c0”
EventTypes {
Items: Cuda
Items: CpuCycles
RateHz: 60000
HowToStart: Immediate
HowToStop: Manual
ApplicationPid: 5044
ShowBacktrace: true
SaveTimedValues: true
UseUnwindTables: true
UseFramePointers: true
UseDWARF: true

1st launch attempt: $ CUDA_INJECTION32_PATH=/opt/nvidia/tegra_system_profiler/ ./fluidsGL

2nd launch attempt: $ LD_PRELOAD=/opt/nvidia/tegra_system_profiler/ CUDA_INJECTION32_PATH=/opt/nvidia/tegra_system_profiler/ ./fluidsGL

I test it at a demo CUDA Sample apllication (fluidGL). Note that in the tegra_system_profiler folder on target (Jetson_TK1) only 32bit libraries were installed by the JEtPack standard installation

If anyone has succeeded in getting CUDA Trace at NVIDIA System Profiler I would really appreciate if he could provide me the process call with all arguments…

Thanks in advance


I am having the same problem. Have you figured out the issue ?


Hi achliopa!
We have fixed this issue and the fix would be in the next release.