Cannot get linux GUI in TX2 after flashing it

In currently trying to set up a Jetson TX2 developer board but I’m facing problems after flashing it. I followed the intructions from here:
After flashing the TX, the message asking for the user credentials appeared but the monitor didn’t show up anything (said it had no signal). I tried to flash it through command line following the linuxdev’s instructions from here: Initial bring-up of TX2 - #2 by Kangalow but I got the same result. The weird thing is that both the SDK manager and the command line didn’t show any error messages. Do you know any other alternatives to make it work?
My host OS is ubuntu 18.04. I’d really appreaciate all you help

Are you really using a method from 2017 to flash your board? Or you are using sdkmanager?

I tried with both. First with SDK manager, but after several unsuccesfull attempts I tried with the second one, but I got the same result.

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If you use sdkmanager correctly, there should be a “Linux_for_Tegra” under your ~/ directory on your host. We call it BSP. Please go to that folder, remove the whole Linux_for_Tegra and let sdkmanager download it again.

If you keep flashing but no good result, it is possibly that the BSP has something corrupted. Also, make sure your disk space on host is sufficient (especially the disk the BSP stored into).

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