Cannot get sdkmanager past step 1...

I have a Jetson AGX Xavier Developer Kit. I installed a blank 256 GB SD card and connected it to Screen, Keyboard, Mouse, Network and via USB to my Linux machine.

The Linux machine is on the same Network as the Xavier.

On my Linux host i installed sdkmanager.

When putting Xavier into forced recovery mode and start sdkmanager i can fill out the first two sections in Step 1. I cannot select anything in the last section of Step 1 and thus cannot proceed to step 2.

Running ‘lsusb’ on the host shows an unknow Nvidia device, supposedly the Xavier.

Please help - it is very frustrating having such fine hardware but being unable to do something with it…

Thanks in advance,


Not sure for your case, but if you are using a low resolution monitor, you may have a look to this post and this one.