Cannot git clone Modulus examples from Gitlab

Hi @swapan and @517287648

You should be added to the Gitlab repo. Please follow up if you’re still not. Thanks!

Will get the engineers to add you. Thank you for your patience.

hi, Same issue here
My GitLab username is liulei277

Since i have submitted wrong username “liulei”. How could I change my username to access nvidia GitLab

Where are the examples?

The Modulus GitLab repository at is sending me to a “404 Page Not Found” error.

Did you misplaced the folder? Is it a registration error?

I had the same issue here. I could access:, however the git clone:

git clone


Permission denied (publickey).
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

This is due to the fact that the access was being performed throughout my GitHub account by default. There must be a faster solution, but I solved the issue by forking the repository nvidia/modulus/example to my account (e.g. to [my_user]/example) and cloning it:

git clone[my_user]/examples

This prompted me to my GitLab login, allowing me to clone the forked version without problem (and the original code, afterwards).

Hi @user39440

You should have access now, please verify. Thanks.

Hi @liulei2770919

You should be added now.


Thanks for the access. I will continue building the PINNs solution to my IDE using the detailed examples.

A while ago I asked about the lack of integral conditions, like d/dx u(x) + Integral (-1 to 1) u(Tau) d Tau = 1, but unfortunately NVIDIA said that it was not available directly. Maybe through a modification of current classes. I will have to deal with that eventually.

The next step is to use DeepOnets. I remember having issues last year when using a non-trivial outvar function. I hope the issue was resolved.


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Hi, I cannot access the Gitlab examples.
I have already get Gitlab account registered. It mentions I have already submitted this form. But I never receive the email.

My gitlab username is alofil98

There is no example folder in the github repo mentioned here Modulus | NVIDIA NGC and the address is :(NVIDIA/modulus: A PyTorch based deep-learning toolkit for developing DL models for physical systems (

I don’t know how I can register my gitlab account on the gitlab group. Can you help me with this?

Hi @mshisheh

Examples for Modulus are now completely public on Github.

Gitlab repositories are deprecated, replaced with new Github repositories.