Cannot have multiple X server on multiple monitors


i have a NVS 800 and i would like to spawn 8 X servers (not just one X server with 8 screens) and display each of them in each one of the eight outputs of the card.

Since the system may start without any monitor plugged in, i have used the AllowEmptyInitialConfiguration option.

I can start all my X servers without any problem. But when i try to map the X servers to the physical screens using xrandr, i always end up with 1 instance displayed only. Hence all the screen that have been disabled are black.

Is there something special to add in the configuration file ?

thanks for your help

I don’t think that works because all Xservers would have to fight over the device files /dev/nvidia*, /dev/dri/cardN, so one wins and seven lose. There can only be one drm master.

Thanks for the answer. This is what i was figuring out…

So i guess i will have to limit to 2 X servers having 4 screens each.