Cannot install 375.39 driver on Linux Mint

paolociccioli@paolociccioli-HP-ENVY-17-NoteBook-PC ~/Scaricati $ sh ./
sh: 0: Can’t open ./

Here’s what I get trying to install the driver. I’m a newbie please help me. Thank you in advance.

in terminal;

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa

sudo apt update

sudo apt install nvidia-375* nvidia-settings

If your use notbook or laptop whit hibrid cards recomend install the “recomended driver” in the graphics driver ubuntu tab.

I installed the recommended driver but Cinnamon crashed, so I had to roll back to the nouveau driver. So I’m trying with the latest driver from NVidia.

Thank you platao. I was able to install the 375 NVidia driver. Cinnamon is not crashing any more. Thank you again. I’m just wandering why the Nvidia instructions are not working…

For example, if you have notbook or laptop with nvidia hibrid graphics not always the most recent driver is the best, sometimes the old driver is better supported and tested.

If you want to learn how to install the driver from the .run file available on the Nvidia website, you need to do several steps, such as black list nouveau driver, stop lightdm, and run ./NVIDIA driver by the text mode in terminal. If you do not “blaclist” nouveau driver it will not let you install another driver. Even if you blacklist nouveau and remove it, you can boot graphically by the Galliun driver or Vesa driver!