Cannot install Jetpack 3?

After Jetpack 3.1 was released, I flashed the system OS to newer version, since I need to compile tensorflow, I will need to install CUDA and cuDNN on TX2. However, it seems I need cuDNN 5.1 to compile tensorflow 1.2.1 (I tried to use cuDNN 6.0, but so far not successful, so I decide to download precompiled wheel file with cuDNN 5.1.), but Jetpack 3.1 only provides cuDNN 6.0.
When I go back to Jetpack 3.0, there are no packages on the package list. It seems Nvidia blocked the access to package list of Jetpack 3.0. Is there any way that I can install cuDNN 5.1 on TX2 manually or install it by Jetpack 3.0?

Hi dddeepll,

The JetPack3.0 works now!
Please try again. Thanks!

Thank you carolyuu, its working right now!

Does it imply that I should use JetPack 3.0 to install cudnn, instead of manually?

Hi skyzzm,

You can install cuDNN package via JetPack3,0.