Cannot install Jetpack 4.2 on Ubuntu 18.04.3

Hi all, I am trying to Flash my Jetson TX2 with JetPack 4.2 on the host machine running ubuntu 18.04.3, but when Install the installer and run sdkmanager, at step 4 in which it should download and install host and target components, it ends up with showing error for the status of almost all of the components (install error, download error and flash error). I have successfully installed Jetpack 3 and jetpack 4.2.1 and 2 in the past using ubuntu 16 and 18, but this time I cannot install it with this setup. Is it not possible to install Jetpack 4.2 on ubuntu 18.04.3? I appreciate any advises.

Hi Mbinnova,

JetPack 4.2 is supported on Ubuntu 18.04. Can you please zip and attach the files in ~/.nvsdkm directory for more investigation?

Thanks for your reply, I updated python and I could install jetpack after several tries.