Cannot install Modulus Plugins on Create 2022.2.0-rc

I updated to version 2022.2.0 in Ubuntu and the modulus plugins were uninstalled. I had them installed in the previous version. I’m guessing the new one reset them.

Attempting to install results in a not-found error for the plugins in the kit/public repository.

Is there an extra extension registry i need to add to my extensions manager?

@WendyGram or @mathiash, on a previous thread you were able to assist @robert34ck2. Is this something you can also look into?

Hello @robert34ck2! Word from the development team is that the Modulus Extension for Create 2022.2.0 is almost ready for release. We are waiting on some final checks before it gets pushed to the public.

I am so excited @robert34ck2! I just found out that the Modulus team will be releasing Create 2022.2 Support……TOMORROW (9/14).

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I’ve updated to 2022.2.1 and the modulus extensions don’t show on the extension manager. I’m assuming they got added to Create directly? I found some physics simulation demos under Window > Simulation > Demo Scenes