Cannot install Optix 7.5.0 via Windows command line

I am trying to automate the installation of Optix 7.5.0 on windows. I can’t seem to get it to work. I believe the installer was created using NSIS, so I am using the standard NSIS command line options, but those don’t seem to work. Here is the command I am running:

NVIDIA-OptiX-SDK-7.5.0-win64.exe /S /D=C:\NEW_INSTALL_PATH

Please let me know if this is possible or perhaps the options I should use to automate the installation process.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @rita.garcia, welcome!

After reviewing the installer code, it looks like it hasn’t yet incorporated features for automating the installation via command line flags, sorry. So there might not be an immediate solution, but we could certainly discuss the possibility of updating the installer in the future, if that would be helpful beyond your immediate needs.


Thank you for letting me know. This is a hurdle that is limiting me to move forward in my work. Can you provide suggestions on how the installation process can be automated. I am open to suggestions.

Do you require the whole OptiX SDK or just the headers inside the include directory for development and build processes?


Thank you for helping on this matter.

We require the files necessary for development with the Optix SDK. I had a look inside our linux equivalent of the Optix SDK package and it contains more than the include headers, such as Optix/SDK/cuda, Optix/SDK/lib, Optix/SDK/sutil, and Optix/SDK/CMake. Perhaps these are also needed?


I was checking if the last question was to help clarify our use to provide a potential solution?