Cannot Launch Omniverse Create

After installing Omniverse on DGX A100 with Ubuntu 20.04, I tried to install Omniverse Create. However, the launch button remains grey after the installation is completed. i clicked the launch button but it seems that the Create is launched for 1 sec and disappeared afterwards.

Here is a screenshot.

Hi @ryan_lin - I’m sorry for the issue you are seeing. The Launch button should be grey, so that is not a technical issue - however, Create’s RTX rendering requires RTX level cards (Technical Requirements — Omniverse Developer documentation).

I will see if there is any possibility to use A100 cards. If so, I will update here.


P.S. We are constantly adding new tutorials and aggregate them all in the “learn” tab on the launcher (also see: NVIDIA Omniverse Tutorials | NVIDIA Developer).

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PLEASE NOTE: If you are reporting a bug/issue, please provide OS, GPU, GPU Driver, the version of the app, and full log file (if applicable). For crashes, please zip and provide a link to your logs → C:\Users\ [YOUR NAME] \ .nvidia-omniverse\logs

hello @ryan_lin - Is your system a DGX Station A100 or a DGX A100 server?

hi @mirice
It’s DGX Station A100 80G
GPU Driver: 470.57.02
CUDA version: 11.4

hello @ryan_lin - would it be possible for you to tar up all the files under the ~/.nvidia-omniverse/logs directory and send them to me?

Hi @mirice
Here is the tar for your reference.

nvidia-omniverse-log.tar.gz (279.0 KB)

hello @ryan_lin - The DGX A100 station has a display card that does not have RTX capabilities. Applications like Create require that the display card attached to the monitor have this feature. The NVIDIA DGX A100 station currently has no option to have an RTX type of display card.

The A100 GPUs on that system can be used for rendering, but cannot drive a display. Thus the A100 station could be used as a render farm for a remote server, but cannot run Omniverse Create. This is the error you are seeing.

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Hi @mirice
Thanks for your feedback, does that mean I could install Omniverse Farm Queue on DGX Workstation and install Omniverse Farm Agent on RTX enabled laptop to send jobs to DGX Workstation to run?

Good evening, I have the same problem even though my computer has an RTX3060 card. What can it depend on? the computer in my possession is an MSI Katana GF66, the graphic driver is 495

Hello @gendiego. Sorry to hear that you are having an issue. Can you provide me more information so that I can help troubleshoot the issue?

  • Omniverse Logs: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\.nvidia-omniverse\logs

Also, here is a link to our technical requirements for Create: Technical Requirements — Omniverse Create documentation

Good evening, thanks for the answer. I attach the omniverse log file, the operating system I am using is ubuntu 18.04.

launcher.log (165.5 KB)
omni.telemetry.transmitter.log (188 Bytes)
omni.processlifetime.log (388.5 KB)
omni.kit.sysinfo.log (113.0 KB)
omni.kit.logging.log (9.6 KB)
nucleus-setup\nucleus-setup.log (4.6 KB)
cache-setup\cache-setup.log (2.3 KB)

Thank you @gendiego! I’ve sent your files over to the development team. Just waiting to hear back!

Hello @gendiego! The development team got back to me with some more information. They mentioned that the 495 driver that you are using has cache issues which take several (7+) minutes to load. They recommend using the 470 driver instead. Try that out and let me know if that solves your problem.

If not, then I will need you to grab another log file for Create which should be found in the same location.

hello @ryan_lin - Yes you will be able to install the Farm Agent on the A100 station and used another server that has RTX card. That RTX server can send render jobs to the A100 station. We are finalizing docs on how to do this.

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